Fendi peekaboo versus Prada's black bag

  1. Since I haven't been able to get my hands on the right peekaboo for me, I'm looking for alternatives.

    What do you think of this Prada? http://www.modashop.net/prada-BN1861.ASK.aspx

    How does it compare to the peekaboo?
  2. I like it....and yes, I can open the link. The Prada opens into almost a square when you open it...have you played with the bag before? The Peekaboo has the two compartments, the Prada is one big space....really depends on what you want. I like the Peekaboo a bit better, though I do love Prada....just not like the Fendi better between these two.
  3. i looked at this bag and the peekaboo at Neiman Marcus just yesterday... I still prefer the Peekaboo, as although both styles are very understated and classic and professional, the Peekaboo is still slightly more feminine... the Prada is all work.
  4. My vote is for the peek a boo!!!!!!!!!!!!:
  5. My vote is for the peek a boo!
  6. I am not loving the Prada handbag. I am a big fan of prada, but honestly I am not in love with this one. I have seen prettier than this for fall.
  7. I also saw really beautiful Louie Vuitton's. But that is a whole other ball game. The price of polka just went up!
  8. Which one of LV did you like?
  9. It is called the Hobo Ontheia $2720.00 to be exact. Like I said a whole other ball game. It comes in some nice fall colors, it was to die for.
  10. the only thing similar is the shape of the two bags. otherwise everything is different.
  11. I'd go with whatever you like and would use more. If you haven't found a Peek-a-Boo that you're in love with, definitely look for something else. There's no use in spending money on something that you're only luke warm about.

  12. I like the peekaboo; just haven't found something of it I really like. Would you choose to order a peekaboo and wait those months for it? Or buy something else off the shelves?
  13. do you mean the color combo's in stock are not what you want ?

    personally i would not mind waiting for a made to order if they don't stock the color i wanted.

  14. Yep, the color/material combo in stock aren't what I want. The waiting is a good few months so I worry I would have come across another bag I prefer during that period and regret having to wait for the peekaboo. :graucho: