Fendi Peekaboo on the bay- buyers BEWARE!!

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  1. I was looking into buying a preowned authentic Fendi peekaboo just to use for a couple of months and decided to..yes...check it out on the bay. There are a lot of stolen pics from other non-authentic website and already I see some bidders out there on these "bags."

    I found ioffer's site with so many good quality pics of these so call authentic bags and lo and behold, some of these pics are being used on the bay.


    I think i'm going to save myself the hassle and go for a new one.

    I'm gaga over this bag although I promised not to buy any more this year....:graucho:
  2. It's usually the other way round isn't it ? people from ioffer stealing Ebay pics...
  3. I wouldn't buy anything from Ioffer. It's pretty much all fakes.

    And yes, a lot of stolen photos from Ebay sellers.