Fendi Patent B Bag @ eLuxury.com-50% off!

  1. OMG it is the mother of all bags!!!!!
    Quick, someone hand me my inhaler:nuts: :drool: :drool:
  2. out of stock!
  3. all gone :sad:
  4. No, there is one is stock, I JUST checked it!!
  5. nothing there, how much was it?
  6. It's there now. It's a B. Fendi Patent Leather Medium Bag with Gold Trim and Pearls for $1720 from $3440.
  7. still there... dayum, that is one loud bag.
  8. I am not a fan. Very gaudy! Too bad. I love the B. Bag, but I don't want to pay full price for one.
  9. im sorry but that bad is fugly! imho :smile:
  10. Y'all I must be the tackiest thing this side of the Mason Dixon line but I looove that bag. If there was any way I could sneak it past my "bag parole officer" husband I sure would. I looove it. The shiny leather, the pearls, the gold. I think I may need some smelling salts after swooning over this bag. LOL.

    But seriously, If you already have the basic "it bags" it might make a good whinsical addition. If you've got the cash that is.

    I'm going to try to hold off on this one. I'm waiting to see if I can snag an Edith Bowler. Wish me luck!
  11. This bag is so much....MUCH better in real life. (it's actually pretty classy) and the leather is not patent leather, it's regular leather. (it's less shinny than the pic)......
  12. hehe. i got the last one =) i'll post pics as soon as i get it!
  13. Yes yes pictures please.:yes:
    Congratulations you got a real beauty.
  14. pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!