fendi pamplona dilemma


Over the Rainbow
Aug 19, 2008

I need your opinions on this dilemma..

I went into the fendi boutique in a department store and fell for the stunning pamplona wedge. i think it's a nutrual wedge that can be worn with pretty much anything,..i tried them on and all was well. My friend who was with me told me they looked like a classic 70's shoe..and could only be worn with a certain look..then i started doubting myself...thinking size 36 was too small and i would need a 36.5 (sold out) 36 where comfy but my toes felt a little squashed..then i wasn't sure of the colour fabric..either way i like the closed wedge and like the style..

am i wrong to think it's a nutrual summer wedges or is it a certain style wedge that speaks 70s....am i second guessing myself because of my friend..do i need size 36.5..i'm driving myself nuts..please help!

Thank you :smile:


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