Fendi Outlet Sale

  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know the sale for the upcoming holiday.
    Our sale will be running from June 23- July 4th.

    75% off the retail price on ALL CLOTHES, SHOES, & FURS
    (Collections include FW07 and older)

    10% off the outlet price on all handbags and leather goods

    I hope some of you can make it here!!!
  2. OOOH, I might be able to make it to Orlando... is there any way you could post some pics of shoes? I love fendi shoes!
  3. We have some different merchandise then Orlando when it comes to shoes. So I honestly don't know if they have any of the FW 07 shoes. SO I don't want to post the pics and have them not be there. But if you still want them I can send some pics.
  4. Here are some pics of the shoes we have!
  5. Here are some more:
  6. And more:
    HPIM0324.JPG HPIM0325.JPG
  7. OMG 75% off. Orlando shoes were not as pretty as the ones you have posted-went for Memorial day. Love them!
  8. Can you post some pics of the bags you have?
  9. Would love to see the bags you have.....hope there are some B bags......

    another question, would you ship internationally???
  10. I too would love to see the bags available currently.

    And would you be able to take an order if I phone in? I am in Ohio. Thanks.
  11. fendilover2822, I would love to buy these shoes in the pic below...they are the 2nd from the left, purple/blue, turquiose..can you give me the price and should I wait until july 4th to buy? would they be cheaper then..Please let me know..thanks in advance!


  12. I will try to post pics as soon as I can. I am off this weekend but I will try to get to it on Monday. And no we do not ship internationally...sorry.

  13. These are going to be $123.75 when they go on sale. The sale starts June 23 - July 4th. It won't be any cheaper than that price. And after July 4 they will go to their regular price of $300.
  14. Great deal--I have those shoes in black!

    I was wondering what the price will be on the crazy beaded ones and the gold ones in the pics with the beaded ones.
  15. The beaded ones will be $497 originally $1990 and the gold python will be $198.75 from $795.