Fendi Outlet in Orlando Florida

  1. Is anyone familiar with the Fendi Outlet in Orlando Fl. Hubby and I will be traveling there in a few months and was wondering if it is worth saving up some funds for the trip. :flowers:
  2. You know, I've never been there, but I'm going to Orlando the last week of July for work, and will stop by the Fendi outlet and report back.
  3. Sweet! Thank you!
  4. Yes it is worth saving for I've gotten a couple of purses for about $350. They have the fabric and leather bags plus wallets,clothing,sunglasses, watches, and shoes. I actually purchased a handbag from Bloomies and went to the outlet and the same exact bag was about 200 less at the outlet. So you can get deals it's all about what you are looking for. NO SPYS! :crybaby: They laughed when I asked.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Also, the Dior outlet opened about a few months ago and you can get some GOOD deals from there.:yes:
  5. I asked them about the Spy bags last year as well and got the same response. :yes: :crybaby:

    Good to hear about the Dior outlet! That is one that I havent added to my collection yet! :P

    Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  6. I was there during the week of 4th of July. THe outlet is called Oralndo Premium Outlets. THey have Fendi, dior, Burberry, Ferragamo, Coach..just to name a few.:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I found "dirt-cheap" Fendi bags, but like everyone said..no spys or B bags. The styles I would say are at least 3 years old. I saw some pretty strange looking bags too! They had alot of the nylon singature bags in yellow, blue. So, for me the syles weren't the classic ones (no baguettes or zucca), but prices were great! I didn't buy anything. But then again I was there during a VERY busy time, people were snatching things right and left. they may have better choices now.
    I would say its worth saving because you will buy tons of stuff from the outlet!
    THe Dior outlet had the street line and a few from the girly line and other older bags. There was a saddle I think. The prices were incredible though (350 0r 400 for a 1,330 bag!!!)
    HAVE FUN!!!!:smile:
  7. I was at Orlando Premium outlets the second week in July. Fendi had none of their newer bags but they had a ton of zucca and zucchino bags in colors such as peach and pink. Prices were around $400.

    They have a great selection of wallets, gloves and belts though.
  8. Don't feel bad, I didn't know about either one???:shrugs:
  9. Last year I picked up a Zucca/white leather bag (for around $550) and really love it. But now that the Dior shop opened up I may be torn......hmmm
  10. i was just there yesterday....it was ok. nothing cought my eyes.

    i live in the area and i go there at least once a month, but it hasn't been that good....:crybaby:

    a few years ago, they used to do 80% off sale so often == a few times i was lucky enough to buy a couple of bags for 90% off sale.....yep, the whole store was 90% off!! :nuts: they have some killer deal stuff on top of the counter in a box..... i got a cig case for around $20, i used to use it as acces. case! :P
    they had tons of sunglasses too, but you can get them little better price at Off Saks, which is on the other end of Internation Drive....right behind the Mall at Millenia. Dior has sale there right now. Fendi is in NM...sale ended though.

    the entire outlet was so busy even though it was on monday, i thought i was the only person who spoke english!! :roflmfao: haha
    it was so hot and humid, since it's outside....dior didn't have good sale either.

    hope you have a wonderful trip there! :P ;)
  11. Thanks for the info!! I went to Off Saks last year and the only Fendi bags they had was black on black zucca. Very disappointing. However I never looked for sunglasses before - now I know where I will be stopping to pick some up!
  12. Worst selection of menswear I've ever seen in a high end store!
  13. Which premium outlet is it? Vineyard or International Drive? I'll be there in January and would definitely like to take a look!
  14. I went to the Fendi outlet in June and they have quite a few spy bags, and a couple of B bags. I was disappointed to see that the dior outlet closed!
  15. Dont forget there is a Barneys outlet there too. I didnt know about it until I saw it on my way back home.