Fendi Outlet-Any Deals Tomorrow?

i just typed in 'fendi outlet' in the google search and turns out the only place they have them is in NY and Orlando! great for us californians! THANKS GUYS! let me know if you guys find anything!
Well, I went today to the outlet in Orlando. It was completely nuts-people parking on the grass, etc. I think it took me an hour to get out of the parking lot afterwards, and that was when things were starting to clear up.

Anyway, I got a great pair of sortof simple brown leather pumps. I have been looking for a nice, simple shoe that isn't as insanely high as the ones I am usually drawn to. There were at least 4 different shoe styles that I would have bought if I had an unlimited shoe budget. Most of the shoes were $150-200 a pair.

I also saw these sunglasses with the zucca on the arms in crystals with mirrored lenses. At first picked them up because I thought they were sort of gaudy and hideous, but then as I had them on I actually fell in love with them. Didn't buy those--still $360, but most sunglasses were more like $150-200 range. Other than the crazy crystal ones, not too much that interested me.

Of course, no B buckle or spy stuff. Some selleria, including large bags. Sales associate told me that she does not think the outlet will ever get B buckle because Fendi wants to keep it out of the outlets.

So that's my update!
The outlet in NY just got some new merchandise. The now have spy hobos (denim striped and camel color) and magic bags, some baguettes (but shearling ones), etc... The magic bags they got are really nice colors. Like a light pink and teal! No additional sales but they have some clothes 80% off. Hope this helps!!!