fendi or jimmy choo

  1. hi guys!
    need your help... i'm debating between buying a fendi borderline clutch and a jimmy choo carissa clutch. (both in gold ish shades) they re both around the same price so which do you think is a better buy in terms of being trendy and fashionable longer? the jimmy choo is cool coz its a larger clutch besides being very elegant and feminine. the fendi, because it seems to be timeless... but i cant decide so HELP!
    071CARISSASAU_medium_fr_Nude.jpg fendiborderline.jpg
  2. I would go with the Jimmy Choo...really really nice!! Fendi doesn't always "do" it for me!

    Nice choices, post pics when/if you decide to get one!
  3. Ohhh. Love the J Choo!!!!
  4. ^^Saks has some J Choo bags on sale for 30% off!
  5. Hmmm that Jimmy Choo is NICEEEEEEE
  6. so basically so far its jimmy choo all the way!!!! but do you think it ll go out of style fast or is this style a keeper
  7. I would normally say fendi, but I like the Choo more this time. It's beautiful and classy. Of course, if you're the type that wears your clutch with jeans, I'd get the Fendi as the other one is too fancy IMO.
  8. I don't think it will go out of style. I would say it definitely wouldn't if it weren't for the tassle, but it seems pretty timeless to me.
  9. Jimmy Choo!
  10. I actually like the fendi better for this one.
  11. i like the one on the left with the tassel!
  12. Jimmy Choo!!!!
  13. I like that Jimmy Choo!
  14. I like the Jimmy Choo too.
  15. I love the look of the Choo as well!

    But! Is that light colored satin? If you're thinking about longevity, then keep in mind how that will wear compared to the Fendi... which looks to me like a sturdy leather type material.