Fendi or Chanel? Which bag????

  1. I am looking for a black bag to wear with suits etc for work. What bag do you think would be better for this purpose? I'm mid-thirties, if that makes a difference.

    I love the Chanel but also love this Fendi. The Fendi seems like it would hold up a little better, but may be more trendy?? I like the fact the Chanel zips. Seems a little more understated, which is a little more my style, but I'm tired of always being "safe" Any thoughts? Thanks! :flowers:
    chanel.jpg BGV8344_mp.jpg
  2. I love Fendi...but I would go with the Chanel...you will be able to wear it for years!!
  3. i say chanel :smile:
  4. I personally love the B Bag, and hope to get one it the future, so that's my pick.

  5. I agree. I really LOVE the Fendi but, the Chanel....classic!
  6. Go for Fendi B.bag, it's very beautiful & stylish at the same time. =)
    You mentioned earlier that this Chanel bag is made of lambskin, it is too delicate & high maintenance for regular wear to work.
  7. I'd choose the Chanel,beautiful and always in style!
  8. I LOVE THE FENDI.. and am desperate to get one.. but i would have to say chane... it really is a classic
  9. Chanel! Its a classic!
  10. Wow, you picked two really great bags. I would love to have them both. I think if I were picking, I would go for the Chanel because it is so classic and timeless. It sounds like we have similar styles. Good luck.
  11. I love the Chanel.
  12. The Chanel Mademoiselle for sure!
    The lambskin isn't as delicate as it once was. If you aren't really hard on it it'll be fine!
  13. I love that Chanel!
  14. Chanel!!!that bag is adorable!!
  15. That is good to know! That is my main hesitation on the Chanel. I rotate my bags a lot anyway so I think it would be fine! Thanks! :flowers:
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