Fendi or Balenciaga

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  1. So, I haven't purchased a new bag in a while, and I am thinking about getting something within the next month or so. I am torn between two things: Balenciaga City/Medium (I'm not even sure what they are called at this point) or Fendi Spy hobo. What do you guys think?
  2. Balenciaga!! :nuts:
  3. I'd look at a lot of different colours/styles in both bags and try them on. But I think the Balenciaga would be a lot of fun.
  4. Im completely for Balenciaga. A rainbow of colors and styles to choose from. `*WARNING*~ They are addicting!!
  5. Fendi Spy Hobo looks hidious.
  6. So true about the warning! I'm in the westcoast, san francisco to be exact and I've never really heard of Balenciaga (only clothes) until I joined this forum. Neimans is finally carrying a small selection of the B-bags now, but before that I found only one place that carried the B-bags (Susans) and bought my 1st bag :nuts: ! I just fell madly in love with the line and before the week was over I ended up buying two more..:love: ! So be careful!
  7. weeeeeee heeeeee totally agree! you can get some really great colours!!! :love:
  8. Balenciaga, definitely!
  9. Get a City!!! What color where you thinking of?
  10. balenciaga
  11. Balenciaga, not a fan but I think if you're going to get the spy, the classic is the way to go :biggrin:
  12. Balenciaga! I was at NM this weekend and compared both right next to eachother. Actually, I had the Fendi Spy, YSL Muse, Balenciaga City, and the Tod's D Media bag all next to eachother. I have to tell you that once I felt the balenciaga - that was it. It was the softest leather I had ever felt! The Fendi did not compare at all to the leather quality of the balenciaga. In fact, none of the other bags came close.
  13. I always loved the Fendi baguettes (addicting the way the b'bags are now--you could have a lot of them and they'd all somehow feel different), but I don't really understand the allure of the Spy.
  14. Well - I would be on the fence because I really do love both of these bags. The City has incredible leather and is super fun to carry! I have one (black) and I want another really bad. I own a Fendi spy hobo and spy (as of now) and love those too.
  15. Totally off topic...

    Pursegal - you look really pretty in your new avatar!:biggrin: