Fendi or Balenciaga


Nov 1, 2005
So, I haven't purchased a new bag in a while, and I am thinking about getting something within the next month or so. I am torn between two things: Balenciaga City/Medium (I'm not even sure what they are called at this point) or Fendi Spy hobo. What do you guys think?
ranskimmie said:
Im completely for Balenciaga. A rainbow of colors and styles to choose from. `*WARNING*~ They are addicting!!

So true about the warning! I'm in the westcoast, san francisco to be exact and I've never really heard of Balenciaga (only clothes) until I joined this forum. Neimans is finally carrying a small selection of the B-bags now, but before that I found only one place that carried the B-bags (Susans) and bought my 1st bag :nuts: ! I just fell madly in love with the line and before the week was over I ended up buying two more..:love: ! So be careful!
Balenciaga! I was at NM this weekend and compared both right next to eachother. Actually, I had the Fendi Spy, YSL Muse, Balenciaga City, and the Tod's D Media bag all next to eachother. I have to tell you that once I felt the balenciaga - that was it. It was the softest leather I had ever felt! The Fendi did not compare at all to the leather quality of the balenciaga. In fact, none of the other bags came close.
I always loved the Fendi baguettes (addicting the way the b'bags are now--you could have a lot of them and they'd all somehow feel different), but I don't really understand the allure of the Spy.
Well - I would be on the fence because I really do love both of these bags. The City has incredible leather and is super fun to carry! I have one (black) and I want another really bad. I own a Fendi spy hobo and spy (as of now) and love those too.