FENDI on net-a-porter!!!

  1. they have a beige and black B bag, a belt and a blouse! and there's more to come! :love:
  2. Its soo exciting!
    I managed to get one of the B belts (I have wanted one for ever!)
    The only size left in stock was the large! but I am thinking that I can always ask my local shoe maker to put in another hole if necessary :smile:
  3. its strange about the B bag being new season as those bags are in the sale in Harvey Nichols at the moment for half price - thats where I got mine.
  4. did you really ?
    oh I want the bag so much but it is v expensive!
    Can I ask when you bought it and what colours and price it was secret shopaholic
    many thanks
  5. They're being carried over into F/W. The one you got is likely from the first season when they came out :smile:
  6. Hi Chloe Babe

    I bought it a week ago and it cost me £630. It is the tan leather with the patent buckles - exactly the same as the one pictured and exactly the same as the current pics on eluxury. I queried it with the SA about it being current season and she confirmed it was but that it was in the sale as demand in Scotland was very limited and that they had been getting no requests for it since it had arrived. As far as I'm concerned everyone elses loss my gain!
  7. quite right too :smile:
    Sound like you got a bag that is still going to be new season, for a great price. Well done! I love it when a plan comes together!
  8. Thanks Chloe Babe

    Just now need to fathom out whether I trully love it or not - some days I do - some days I don't, Mmmm bit strange.....
  9. Its often like that though. Something that you may have been coveting for a while, but when you finally get it, it is sometimes abit of an anti climax.
    But you have a great deal, so you could afford to use if for a little bit, and even if it is not right, you will not lose any money on it, so you will be fine!
    Just take it slow and see how you get on :smile: (lucky girl :biggrin:)
  10. Hi Guys,
    Well, my belt came, and it is completely devine, but very small!! Thank goodness they only had large left and that is the one I went for!
    I am a size 12 so, about 29 to 30" waist. and it fits really nicely, but on the belt it clearly states Large, so anybody thinking about buying one, just be aware that they come up incredibly small and might well be worth getting a larger size :smile:
  11. i called NAP and they told me they would get the spy bag in taupe and matt gold. anybody pics from the bags in these colours????
  12. OMG - Is that the wisteria spy in taupe? :yahoo: I'll find pics for you in a minute. If so, I am definitely getting one. Did they tell you when?
  13. aw don't - a matt gold spy - that would be to die for! I've already spent my annual handbag spend in two weeks so I should not look at this thread anymore!!!............. yeah right!!!!
  14. oh no!

    I must not log on to NAP, I must not log onto NAP ;)

    wow, its great to find somewhere you can pick up great Fendi pieces finally :smile:
  15. this is seriously seriously bad news! Did NAP say when?