Fendi novice, what's the difference between...

  1. HI, excuse my ignorance. :confused1:
    What's the difference between zucca and zucchino... what exactly is a "baguette?"
    last question, what is a "mama/mamma" bag?

    long story short, I was looking at bags on eBay and couldn't tell the difference between these bags, and each had different terms.

    many thanks!:p
  2. Zucca ha big FF logo like this

    Zuchinno has small/mini FF logo, like this

    And mamma baguette is this
  3. And this is the baguette

    Please correct me if I am wrong anyone!!
  4. I think that's right..and wow those are the perfect pictures! Especially the mama with zucca and zuccino! How helpful:tup:
  5. wow! thank you so much!
    what about the fabric? I've seen some fendis that are super slouchy (looks like it would collapse/fold if not stuffed) fabric bags and then there are some that have a "thicker/studier" canvas? fabric?
    am I wrong?

    thanks, by the way, I truly appreciate the crash course!
  6. anyone??? anyone have an answer?
  7. I worked for Fendi a couple of years back and to my knowledge the fabric bags are all pretty much the same. The "slouchier" ones may be older and more worn, or perhaps not as stuffed as the "sturdier" ones you are viewing online. However, as far as the leather is concerned, there is a difference. You have the nappa which is like butter, the selleria which is more grainy, and then you have pigskin which is extremely tough. Hope this helps