fendi newbie needs help.

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  1. hi chicas!

    i have been wanting a black everyday bag for a while and i was thinking i should get the spy black leather. i tried it on twice but something about it doesn't grab me. today at bloomies, i tried on the turtle shell zuccha (sp?) and the cognac. OMG that cognac is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! i was going to get the cognac but there was damage on the bag so i couldn't get it. the SA brought other cagnacs but it wasn't as vibrant as the damaged one (the damage was a little scratch on the side). it was dull and the color wasn't as striking.
    i think i will find another cognac but i was wondering if you gals could also help me decide what color i should get.

    omg.. i saw the white mink spy too. the SA told me that only one has been sold at the BH store by a guy who bought it for his boyfriend. interesting huh?:hysteric: i can't believe a guy is the first owner of the mink bag.
  2. the cognac ... its STUNNING ... i have a black leather spy but im thinking about adding a cognac one to my collection
  3. The Cognac and Choco. are really lovely. Hate fur bags or anything fur come to that.
  4. I love my cognac. Choco was too dark for me.
  5. I just got the Choco. from Estile on here and its one of my best, the leather is just full of bubbles and sooooooooooooooo soft. Really beautiful