Fendi New Spy and Bag It

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  1. Take a look at these images I've found in the latest 'Vogue Italia' issue. The first is a Spy with a huge pink velvet ribbon in the front and decorated with too many pearls (I think it is really absurd and gross, I would never buy a bag like this). Then we find two embroidered bags: the first is a 'Bag It' and the other is a Spy bag embroidered with some squirrels... What do you think about these???
    Pink ribbon 1.jpg Pink ribbon detail.jpg Squirrel.jpg Squirrel detail.jpg Squirrel Spy.jpg
  2. Vile. Vile. And, oh yeah, vile!
  3. Yeah I think they're all ugly, the ribbon one being the lesser of the evils. I love the Spy ONLY in leather. IMO, anything else looks odd including the mink.
  4. i did a project for my rhetoric and pop culture class mocking rediculous luxury items and the spy bag w/ the squirrels was one of the things i used, lol.
  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwww:sick:
  6. I must be a weird duck. I actually like the squirrel bag. I saw a picture of it up close on the web ... I forget which site ... and noticed it had a price tag of over $3,000. Too expensive for a quirky bag. I have a lot of classic bags so that one appealed to me because it is different. Also, I am a huge animal lover.
  7. hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. They're pretty ugly.. but the sweater bag looks so snuggly !
  9. It's funny how ugly the bag is yet they try to advertise it in a way to make it appealing
  10. Eh, don't like them at all!
  11. What? I'm surprised by the general reaction. I think the two spy bags are lovely. Although they look extremely luxe and impractical, but beautiful nevertheless.
  12. Don't like the first one, but the squirrel looks cute.
  13. Hmmm ... interesting ... it must have been an older Vogue Italia because these bags were introduced some time ago. In addition to these, Fendi also made an all-white Fur bag (so you can keep your wallet warm?). I can't say I'm a fan of any of these; I do love my Spy Cognac & Teal bags though.
  14. The velvet squirrel one isnt bad in person, actually does look like a work of art IMO. The pics dont do it justice.
  15. Personally, I love the gray silk tufted one. Granted, it's not for everyday use. Here's a better pic of it.
    Fendi couture spy gray.png