Fendi Navy Patent Buckle Flats

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  1. Just posting a pic of my new Fendi flats that i got from the Saks.com First Cut sale! I ended up getting them about half price when i used a gift card i had towards them:yahoo::heart:

    BIRTH-LA 039.jpg
  2. fab color!
  3. cute!
  4. Loveeeeeee them!!!
    I had my eye on them. How is the sizing on them? How do they run?
  5. congrats!
  6. They run sliiiiiiiggghhttllyy large.. Which is good for me because i usually take a 6.5 and bought a 6..
  7. I have the peep toes from Neiman Marcus and they are TTS for me.
  8. ooooh i love it sammydoll.. lucky you... they look so cute on you.. wish i cud find one here..
  9. :love:too cute..love em