Fendi monster or Fendi Jungle

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  1. Hello Fendi lovers,
    Fendi comes out new design call Jungle. What do think these designs compAre to monster? #fendimonster or # fendijungle
  2. I tried on jungle just ytd and compared to monsters. I still prefer monsters bug though. Cos the jungle seems a little too big and it keeps flipping to the side cos of the mohawk. And is really loud. If you like loud is good for you. But i tried on the mini one marshmellow and i love the size though. The crystal eyes are very nice. While monsters do not have such crystal eyes
  3. :useless:
  4. Monster my pick
  5. I've uploaded a couple of pictures of my jungle. I agree with another poster that it is a little hard to control as she rolls around everywhere .. But she's just so cute! I've placed an order for the cassis monster .. Which I cannot wait to arrive. I hope he will be a little easier to use hehe



  6. Great pics! Love it
  7. Finally i got 2 pictures between monster and jungle 1466792014440.jpg
  8. 1466792388232.jpg Fendi 2 jours jungle and monster
  9. Great pics, natalia0128! I vote for monster! :amuse:
  10. Monster!
  11. Monster! But then I'm probably getting one myself!
  12. I love the monster tote! I've had mine for a while now but I still anticipate pulling it out and look forward to wearing it out:smile:
  13. :faint::faint::faint::faint:

    I love the variety of bags and your color choice combo.......just so fun!!
  14. image.jpeg Fendi Monster for sure. It was charming enough that I had to get a hold of one even for a man like myself. Haha Yas!
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  15. It's so cute! :loveeyes: Thanks for sharing, Kristoffer!