Fendi Moncler Spy from Barneys sale

  1. Hello, I cheated on LV to buy this fendi. I am not familar with fendi at all but loved the spy and got this from Barneys when the were closing them out at 550.00. Couldnt pass the price up but was never comfortable wearing it and it s been sitting since. I have my receipt from Barneys, but what else do I need to include for listing it via eBay as far as serial codes or certain photos to show authenticity? Thanks for any help as I am not familar with the important features of the fendi to show. Thanks so much!!
  2. i would take pics of the hologram, leather serial strip (these are both sewn into the lining), spy glass, coin purse mouth open and showing hinge, front and back shots, maybe the Moncler logo patch, and the authenticity card. Make sure you use the macro setting on your camera for any close-ups so they come out nice and clear, and good luck. I sold about 6 Moncler spys on eBay last year and had pretty good luck with them.
  3. Thanks! I was reading how some use a security tag, like a lock from walgreens that has a numerical code. I would give the buyer the unlock once feedback is left. This way they can not do a bait and switch. Do you think I need to do this with a Fendi? The reason why I ask is that I dont know anything about Fendi. I just read a horrible story about bait and switch. Louis Vuitton I know like the back of my hand so I def. feel more comfortable when I sell LV. When I look up spy bags on ebay it seems like half of the bags are fake.
  4. way more than half the spys on ebay are fake. i don't use security tags, but i can't say it's a bad idea. it's really up to you, though.
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  6. thanks for the advice. i am going to go with a security tag. i keep reading the posts in the ebay forum and am having mini panic attacks about selling this bag! I am so paranoid about ebay. the ebay forum/section has scared me from both buying and selling!! thanks again, keep your fingers crossed for me!
  7. Chloe, I would definitely use a security tag. It's a minuscule investment compared to the Spy. I would suggest locking the handles of the spy together with the lock. Good luck.
  8. Yeah the ebay forum has me scared too, good luck!