Fendi & Moncler Spy Barneys.com $1495

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  2. You should get the red one. I think the red one is cute. I don't like the black shiny one at all though.
  3. Ya were gonna get a Moncler but changed your mind after reading the posts here!? Hon, if you like something, I mean REALLY like something, don't worry about what others have to say about it. I'm in Love with the Fendi Zucca Spy and I've seen posts from PFers who are not too crazy about it. Guess what, still gettin' my Zucca!:yes: Think about it s'more. If you decide not to get it, please let it be because YOU really don't llike or want it. Who knows? People might see it on you and decide the Moncler's not so bad after all.

  4. I totally agree here. I'm not a big fan of a Moncler, but if you really like and know it will suits you than go for it! You shouldn't care so much about what other people say, and just buy it :smile: .
    And I agree that maybe some will see you with that bag and change their mind. So if you like it, than buy it and post your pictures so that we can see who was right about this bag (and I'm sure it will be you).
  5. There's a pic here on the Fendi forum of Holly Robinson-Peete (sp?) with a red Moncler. And ya know what, it looks very nice!
  6. I'm waiting to jump on one as soon as I can find one in the $5-600 range. :graucho:

  7. Girls did this start out at $2100?, then $1495, now $995?
    I'm with you Decophile, would love to see it drop again!
  8. I'm pretty sure it's retail price was $1495, but wait for more responses. ;)
  9. I did a search and it keeps coming up $2100?
    Here's another thread
    Fendi & Moncler Spy Bag...did you see them?
  10. oops!
  11. do you think they will go below $995? do they still have a lot left in barneys' stores?
  12. Get the black one....just got this pix from MUA....it looks pretty cute... :smile:
    what do u guys think?

  13. ^^Wow that looks great on her! But I have a feeling she could wear ANYthing and pull it off.
  14. Yes agreed she could wear anything and pull it off!
    Thanks for the photo pwecious_323 it helps a lot in making a decision.
    I checked with Barneys and yes it was $2100 now $995!
  15. Just called the Chicago store and they have 2 black left, i have put 1 on hold for tomorrow, guess will have to make the decision tonite :sweatdrop: