Fendi & Moncler Spy Bag...did you see them?

  1. I went to Barneys today and I saw the some coloful (I saw green, red & black) and shinny spies that were quilted nylon filled with down (SA told me it's water resistant). It's a limited editon and only in Barney's. $2,100. (I thought it could be cheaper, but not.)

  2. yes, i've seen them online and thought that was crazy expensive for nylon and down...
  3. yes, too expensive and I wonder if the feather will come out from nylon because normally down jacket has that problem.
  4. I saw them IRL and did not like them. I prefer the leather Spys.
  5. I saw them at Barneys too. I think the red one is kind of cute, but not the other colors and definitely not the shiny one. And I won't pay 2K for it.
  6. Do not like them at all - one little catch and their will be feathers everywhere.

  7. For the money I wouldn't pay for a bag that looks like my snow jacket. I love Fendi spy bags, but I can't get with this bag.
  8. waaaaaaaay too much for the garbage spy :wtf:
  9. I saw this bag at Paris boutique.. its like a puff jacket.. not nice at allll..

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    I didn't even think about that! LOL!
  11. Come on now Fendi.