Fendi mirrored wallet - whatcha think?

  1. Hmmm, what do you guys think of the mirrored wallet for $465? It's grabbing me for some reason. I wish they had more pictures, i.e. what it looks like unfolded, how roomy it is. I've been wanting an LV zippy wallet, but this one might change my mind. :love:
    Mirrored wallet.jpg
  2. It is a little much for me, but I might like it in silver.
  3. Love it!:yes:
  4. My friend has it in silver. It is very nice. I would purchase it.

  5. I agree... I think it is a little much for my taste.
  6. I love it - so different!
  7. i saw this on Barneys.com and really catch my eyes, but i wont spend $465 on it....
  8. I likey! A bit bright, but I likey either way. I wonder if the material can be easily scratched. That's my only concern. It'd look great in silver right in my new bag! :nuts:
  9. I LOVE IT! I'm slightly obsessed with the LV miroir stuff. I was hoping they had a nice little wallet or change purse that I can purchase...when it goes on sale. If they have little miroir accessories.

    Oh, sorry... Your Fendi wallet... I LOVE IT!
  10. I love the mirrored look - but I will not get it in gold. Silver, perhaps. I'd also think it may get scratched easily (I am the #1 who will throw her wallet around so it's dangerous for me)
  11. I like it, but I agree you would have to be careful about keeping it from getting scratched.
  12. I love it.
  13. Ooooooooo...so bling bling...I like!!! :yes:
  14. No not for me way to over the top
  15. I love it!!! First wallet that I have ever seen that I would spend that type of $$$ on!!!