Fendi Mia or Givenchy Nightingale

  1. I want to buy myself a new bag, and I cant decide between these two.

    Do you guys have any suggestions...

    Please let me know :smile:!
  2. I prefer FENDI.
    1 you will never go wrong with the brown color
    2 works on many occasions
    3 i just like it:p
  3. Nightingale! I love it more and more everyday I use it, and I've had it for a year! Even the medium is a decently big size, so it fits a lot...it's pretty nondescript and not too flashy...and it gets lots of compliments! :smile:
  4. Nightingale hands down. I have been lusting after this bag for months! It's not extremely common, it's simple but it exudes the right amount of rocker chic! I love it!
  5. Fendi!
  6. ahhh you guys are even on the opinions lol, I cant decide and I dont need both thats forsure!

    The nightingale i want is the one hilary duff has been seen with...I cant seem to find it online, does anyone know where I might find it?
  7. I'm a Fendi gal normally, but the Givenchy nightingale is divine!!! Definitely go for Givenchy in this case.
  8. This is the bag Im looking for...anyone have any ideas where I can purchase it :smile:!
  9. Givenchy. Try looking at Barneys website.
  10. I know its Givenchy...its not on the Barneys website anymore.
  11. Fendi
  12. givenchy
  13. Givenchy! Great leather and workmanship, stunning bag! I don't have the Nightingale - I have the Avenue bag but it's made of similar leather and has the same attention to detail. It is really very well made.
  14. Does it come in a smaller size? The one Hillary is wearing is huge...maybe because she's petite.
  15. givenchy of course