Fendi "Magic" bag

  1. I have both medium and large size(rare), but I mostly use the medium size.
  2. Also, I think medium bag is OK for regular use.
  3. I was going crazy for the magic bag but now after carrying it for more than 6 months I'm ready to let it go to fund a new purchase :smile:

    I don't feel the majic anymore. :sad:
  4. Hi BL1 :smile: I saw this picture and wanted to know how tall you are if you don't mind me asking. I'm 5'9 and was looking at the medium magic bag and I wanted to compare to you.
    Also, do you find that you have to set the bag down to open it and get inside with the flap being so bulky? or is it easy to open and get inside without sitting it down? Thanks for your opinion!
  5. I just bought a fendi chef zucca from the fendi in bloomingdales on lexington in NYC it had the hologram with no serial number on it or below it and i know its not fake