Fendi "Magic" bag

  1. susan-eric: Mine has a hologram sticker inside. Hope this helps.
  2. I LOVE this bag!! I have another Fendi on the way (zucca) and oooh, now I might exchange it. I like how this one has a little more structure.

    How does it open/close?
  3. Sorry, I now see decophile's post on the turnlock. Yay, even better! :yahoo:
  4. Do all the the sizes and colors have the zippered compartment? I thought there were small ones with just a slide pocket (not sure of the technical name)? Does anyone have one like that?
  5. I was wondering, if a Fendi Magic Bag has a hologram tag inside, does this authenticate the item?
  6. Yes & no...It has a hologram tag, but that alone does not make the Bag authentic. Many fakes have hologram tag, especially those that do not have a stitched number/letter code beneath the hologram, or those that have an incorrect code.
  7. Which codes are correct? I received a Fendi Magic Bag for a gift and I want to make sure it's authentic.
  8. I would recommend you photograph the leather strip serial number tag & hologram tag clearly, interior fabric & interior look, front, back and bottom photos, leather close up if at all possible and submit to the -- Authenticate this Fendi-- thread. You can use photobucket.com or other photo hosting site to show TPFers the pictures.
  9. If a fendi magic bag's hologram tag does not have a code beneath it does this necessarily mean that the bag is fake?
  10. yes it does.
  11. That's the one I have been obsessing over for the last 2 weeks. As soon as I hear that my refund is in (for my Prada fiasco from eBay), I will buy this.
  12. I ordered mine from jomashop.com on 25th. I will be picking it up this evening. I can't wait to see it. Will post pics asap.
  13. Such a lovely bag :heart:
  14. Big bummer, everyone...I returned the zucca hobo and wanted to exchange for the zucca Magic bag. BG is out of them in zucca and currently only has:

    Dang I really wanted the zucca, but I could possibly try the brown distressed one (middle pic) :drool: . Not sure if I want to plunk down $1300 for it though...:shrugs:

    Any other suggestions on where to find it in zucca? Can't find it on NM or Saks.com.

    TIA! :heart:
  15. You can go into Neiman Marcus and order it from a Fendi catalog and have it shipped directly to you in the zucca print. I ordered the magic bag in the zucca from the catalog myself. I live in Atlanta and they don't carry Fendi at NM in-store so you buy from a catalog. I'm not sure if they have a catalog where you live but its worth a try. And on the plus side shipping is free if you can wait ten business days. Hope that helps.