Fendi "Magic" bag


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
I've seen a little editorial on this new line from Fendi but can't figure out what is supposed 'magic' about it. I get that the Spy has the little secret compartment but what's the deal with the new bags?
I recently purchased a Fendi Magic bag in brown leather (I believe it might be the small and not the medium sized bag). I purchased it because I liked the shape, liked the look and feel of the leather, and liked that it is so lightweight. But what I've discovered in the short time I've owned it is that it is sort of magic; the bag is actually like an elasticized "pocket" (the top of the front of the bag has elastic) which can expand to accomodate just about anything while still looking feminine and not bulky. I randomly walked around my home office stuffing things into it and here's what it could hold all at once-- and still close perfectly: a full size hard covered book, a pair of ICON sandal shoes with wedge heels, a magazine, a full size scarf, a 5"x5"x2" cardboard box in which some Hermes perfume came packaged, and a large set of keys. I was astonished that it could hold so much but it just expanded to accomodate everything. I think I'm going to love this bag. It's my first Fendi. I can't say I bought the bag because it was a Fendi but instead because I just liked the shape. Anyone else own a Magic?
I think it's called magic because it's like a bag used by magicians/witches/warlocks for the tools of their trade. Supposedly inspired by the Harry Potter stories.

I have a medium sized magic. It's very cute. I'll post pics tonight.
I wish I could post pics but no digital camera. Anyone else?? Does anyone else have an all-leather magic? I've seen lots of fabric leather combos but I prefer the all-leather magic.
Deco you are SO LUCKY. I have been wanting that bag...the one that Rachel Bilson has is amazing but I think it's ostrich or something? All the ones I've seen are only on ebay and are all fake. Looking forward to your pics!

Rachel's bag is made of a "tortuga" leather (leather embossed to look like an exotic tortoiseshell). It was only produced in SS 05 unfortunately. Definitely on my wishlist.
Where did you hear that from? That's interesting!
Probably on this forum, from the source of all interesting expert info, the guru of omniscience & my hero: Greendrv.

Here are pics of mine... not quite the tortuga loveliness, but cute as a button.


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