Fendi - Magic Bag


Thank you God.
Feb 3, 2007
On a recent trip to Paris with a friend i decided very much to spend all the money i had! haha lol not a new thing though!
howevr i did find the people in paris to be very sweet and co-operative as oppose to the uk and usa- contrary to popular beleif :biggrin: :yes:

we went to the galleries lafayette i had decided to get the fendi spy but realized that the maic bag would look better with the clothes i wear i.e. the traditional dres of pakistan the shlwar kameez - same applying to my mom for who the bag was ..

the fendi people were really sweet and she even gave me a big yellow gift box of fendi and packed the bag for me - i may put up the pictures of the box int he future.. :graucho:

so here goes .. i have put up picture of a bag for the first time felt a bit silly but i hope u guyz like them - enjoy!