Fendi - Magic Bag

  1. On a recent trip to Paris with a friend i decided very much to spend all the money i had! haha lol not a new thing though!
    howevr i did find the people in paris to be very sweet and co-operative as oppose to the uk and usa- contrary to popular beleif :biggrin: :yes:

    we went to the galleries lafayette i had decided to get the fendi spy but realized that the maic bag would look better with the clothes i wear i.e. the traditional dres of pakistan the shlwar kameez - same applying to my mom for who the bag was ..

    the fendi people were really sweet and she even gave me a big yellow gift box of fendi and packed the bag for me - i may put up the pictures of the box int he future.. :graucho:

    so here goes .. i have put up picture of a bag for the first time felt a bit silly but i hope u guyz like them - enjoy!


  2. Gorgeous bag & a nice alternative to the spy as well. congrats! :yahoo:
  3. o:huh:H, don't you just love the zucca Magic bag!! We are bag twins now...

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. The magic bag is lovely, great choice!
  5. love the magic bag--think it is next on my list!
  6. cute, congrats!!
  7. Now that is gorgy!Congrats to you and wear in good health!
  8. That is gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. aww eveyrone is so sweet .. thnx guyz adding my collection soon.. so chk it out later...
  10. does the Magic bag come in leather? also, where are there pics of this bag? (other than in this thread)?
  11. nice bag....I have one like that. It's really pretty.
  12. Very pretty and feminine, great choice!