Fendi lovers, I need your expertise!

  1. I don't know if this topic belongs in the Authenticate This Fendi thread because these Fendis are not for sale. They are from my personal collection. The problem is that I bought them from Ebay before I ever knew about the Purse Forum. I bought them both from reputable sellers, but because I didn't have help authenticating, I'm now wondering if they are real or not.

    Opinions please! :flowers:

    Here is the first bag:


    More pictures (links so they won't slow down your computers):


    Here is the second bag:


    More pics:

    (^Hardware is still protected in its plastic).

    Let me know if you need/want more pictures!

    Thanks in advance! :heart::heart:
  2. ^yes, you do need to post these questions in the authenticate this thread.

    The first one looks authentic, the second one fake. But wait for others to chime in also as I'm not an expert on these two styles.
  3. Sorry :s Mods, do you want me to repost?

    Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it. :smile:
  4. Both are fake. The font on the leather serial tag gives it away. Plus the stitching on the first bag is too light, and the hologram sticker is crooked on the second bag.
  5. Greendrv - thanks for your opinion! Where can I see a authentic serial tag so I can know which font to look for?

    I think this might be a result of the flash... IRL, the stitching is a dark brown and matches the bag... don't know if that makes a difference...?
  6. [​IMG]

    Is this the font I should be looking for?
  7. nope. That font is wrong too. If I find a pic, I'll post it.
  8. ^ Thanks so much!
  9. They both look fake to me. The font is definitely wrong and a black logo bag shouldn't have gold hardware, they have gunmetal hardware. So sorry!
  10. *sniff*

    I am not liking ebay very much right now..