Fendi Logo Mania

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  1. I wanna jump in to the Fendi logo mania but not really sure which beauty I should get. I find that these two bags very classic and fun at the same time. Which one do you think I should get? BTW I wanna use this bag as an everyday bag. Thanks

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  2. They're very different bags, but from those two I much prefer the second. I don't like the straw handle on the first.
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  3. I do agree, I like the second better as well! The straw handles probably wouldn't wear as well and they also restrict the bag to be ore of a summer bag.
  4. I like the first
  5. i think second i better for everyday because of the shoulder strap
  6. I like the second. You can find vintage Fendi that looks practically the same.
  7. I really like the first one, but for me that would be a summer only-bag because of the straw handle. :smile:

    The second one is cute too!