Fendi Leopard B.Bag

  1. Ok, I've decided to pass on the B.bag for now--they're just not doing it for me... But I was thinking about getting the leopard b.bag if it comes out in the fall, it looks like this:


    Does anyone know if this bag will actually be released and if so, how much? I called my local Fendi store, but they were clueless... Thanks for the info!
  2. You know...the buckles are just not doing it for me. They are so BIG....I like the LV pic with lepord...may be too trendy...I hope you love whatever you locate.
  3. I have the caramel brown B.Fendi (the one with same color buckles) and to me, it's the best. I think B.Fendis should be as simple as possible cos the buckles already take up a lot of attention. Leopard prints just makes it look fussy. Sorry. That's just MO.
  4. The leopard is gorgeous, I love leopard prints. It's stunning.
  5. I love it too!
  6. This leopard b.bag is stunning! For myself, I would get the current tan/black combo b/c I don't think I can pull leopard Bbag off.

    I like Snow Leopard Muse though.
  7. I love it!

    That's the one I'm gonna get!
    Must...find...wait..list ...Netherlands... forget it.
    I'm going Europe!
    Thanks for the post...think they'll have shoes to match? Woohooo!
  8. ewwwww- no offense but all leopard prints make me think of spandex on an old old trailer park lady.
  9. I think the bag is gorgeous! Def it is a bold statement kind of bag. But I don't have any info about that bag either Wicked. Maybe someone will know something about this bag. I would love to see someone buy this bag and carrying it and post lots of pics for us to see!!:nuts:
  10. No offense taken! I think a touch of leopard in an outfit is fine. It's cute in a pair of ballet flats or a bag.
  11. The Leopard B-bag is cute but I myself, would opt for the solid colors...

    Hmm, does anyone know which size is the model carrying? The Large maybe?
  12. That bag will stand out from the crowd but......I'm not that bold to carry one.
  13. oooo - love it! It's very 'Absolutely Fabulous' - but Adina, not Eddie.
  14. i must agree. this bag is absolutely beautiful!!!! i'd totally get it.
  15. Yesterday ELuxury had the leopard B Bag. I ordered it. Hopefully, I will like it. I have a few spy bags, but I don't have a B Bag.