Fendi Leather Goods Fall 06/07

  1. Hiii :biggrin:

    Girls ... we need help and contribution here ... plzzz al of u who know what colors/shapes/price range are going to be released as for coming season .. plz do tell us here ...

    is it true that SPy bags will be discontinued? B Bag will be permenant line as the baguttee ?:rolleyes:

    for me .. am dyyyyyying to know the New colors of spy + price of LeoPard B Bag:roflmfao:
  2. I am dying to know too. :yes: Last time I asked my SA (two weeks ago) she didn't even know what will be the new colors of spy for Fall! So there we go..we have to wait and see and maybe too late then..maybe not. Maybe someone else knows about this better than me.:biggrin:
  3. Do you think they will discontinue the spy being it is such a huge hit?
  4. Ohhh, i hope the spy isn't discontinued! I want to get one from the fall colors.... or perhaps a white/silver/gold one. :graucho:
  5. On Style.com they have a Fall 06 accessories review and have some Fendi stuff, no prices. They seem to be pushing the Palazzo bag. And I like the new Bs. The review doesn't feature any Spys.
  6. I kind of get the feeling that they will continue the spy line. It just doesn't make sense if they decide to discountinue. I think spy could eventually be a classic bag, at least to me..
  7. I wonder if they are keeping the information secretive for as long as they possibly can to avoid the knock off producers from getting their hands on that information to produce knock offs? I know, a little conspiracy theory'ish, but you never know.... To answer your question, nope, no idea. Good luck and please do share if you find out.
  8. Jo Ly .. indeed , ur sooooooooooooooo right

    Sweetea .. welcome huney in my thread .. i tried calling my local fendi, they had no idea about the coming colors, i asked elsewhere and also ppl said main fendi doesnt know too ... probably in mid summer?

    i wanna knowwwwwwwwwwwww ..ahhhhhhhhhh..cant predict though..
    ammmm they may produce blue color? lighter shade than the petrol's? or maybe mustard? no its summer's color ... i dont wish to see same color range again .. brown/choc/honey ... we need new colors... other than that i sooooooooo wannna see the limited editions :yahoo:

    as for spy being discontninued.. i agree with Sweetea i dont think they will do it .. its one of the very famous all seasons bag, am sure it will be permenant .... :biggrin:
  9. I haven't heard anything regarding Fendi's accessories for fall/winter 06/07. I am hoping as well they do not discontinue the Spy line-they should re-release the cherry color again for those of us that missed out on it :graucho:
  10. BooYah did u read my mind? i would love to have that Bag:shocked:
  11. :lol: Chloe, should I start a petition for Fendi to please re-release the cherry-colored spy for the next the upcoming season?????? :graucho:
  12. Eww those new Palazzo bags are ugly, the new B's look cute kinda..

  13. hey where on style.com or anywheres can u find that fendi fall review????
  14. I totally missed out on the Taupe Leather with Purple Handles! I would love to get a hold of that color again :yes:
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