FENDI KAN I stitch issues

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  1. Hi All, I recently purchased a black KAN I bag and only wore it for 2 times so far only to find that the stitching on the edge of the bag is starting to come off a bit. Does Fendi provide repairs to their bags at all? do they look after their customers? I know for sure I purchased this from a big dept store here in Texas so its 100% authentic. Please let me know if you had a similar experience and what did you do... Thanks
  2. They won't repair it for you if it's only a few threads coming off.
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  3. That's a bummer? so now I have to wait for the bag stitches to all fray like completely fray in order for them to repair it? or is it that Fendi doesn't stand behind their bags altogether?
    Just wondering how their CS is like.. thanks
  4. I suggest bringing your bag and receipt back to the department store you got it from and seeing if they can send it off for you to repair. I had to get a Fendi repaired through Holt Renfrew because I purchased it there, and they sent it out for me.