Fendi Insults

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  1. I have a friend that always comments the things I really like myself (and mostly so do others) and tells me it's ugly. But even worse, I never asked what she thinks of them! I learned after several insults, she is probably just jealous (and rude) for doing that over and over again. I don't hang with her as much. I don't understand how little tact some people have.
    She could've just said, she didn't like it as much, in stead of 'it's ugly'.
    Don't worry about it, it sounds like you know how stupid it was coming from her...

    BTW, do you have a pic of that emerald? It sounds like a gorgious color!
  2. Sounds like a little bit of jealousy! Perhaps not at the Spy, but maybe in general so that it feels good to her to kinda chop down what you have.

    Next time she does something like that (that is, if you choose to be in her presence ever again), feel free to make a remark in kind. Like, "I suppose not everyone understands the artistry of a Spy."
  3. I'm back on this site after a bag amnesty!

    Only yesterday a colleague said they 'hated' my Spy. So it's proudly at work with me today. What's not to like?

    BTW, anyone see those newspaper pix yesterday of the bag raid at Fendi, Sloane Street. Loads of lovely bags flung over the arms of the raiders making off on scooters before they got papped. In the article the London Paper called the Spy 'trendy'. A bit more that trendy I think!
  4. Ok, try beat this one... The day I bought my first fendi spy, I asked a guy friend at work what he thought.... I quote...

    " It looks like it is from the 80's...." i was like :wtf:...
    but before I could respond a female coworker came out with..
    "Is that even leather??..." Are you serious!!!!!????

    Now try and beat that. I was so offended!! This was day one with my precious bag that I had waited so long for. It doesn't matter... my Spy was and still is fabulous. And now that they know what it is I know they secretly want to jump me for it!! hehhe... it is my job to educate.
  5. ^oh no, did you see those pictures?! I see the bubbled chef and that spy that Saich has in her avater! Poor bags, not getting the respect they should... :sad:
  6. Well, I am picking up my emerald spy tomorrow. Then I am setting all 4 of them out on the steps for a family pic, I can't wait.
  7. Oh, I don't know how someone could not love my hologram spy. It is just too cool. Like I said, they just don't get it. It is not like I don't have an MJ bag, some LV, a Gucci, some Chanel, and some vintage Hermes. However, sometimes you just want to feel unique and I get that from my Spy bags and my baguettes.
  8. Coco, you win. That comment just takes the cake!!
  9. ^ i know... as shallow as this sounds, i was offended someone would even question whether i was carrying a "real leather" bag....

  10. OT...but whats KoP?:confused1:
  11. I personally think it all comes down to jealousy.
  12. KOP is King of Prussia mall....I think that is what she is referring to! :smile:
  13. Correct King of Prussia Mall is in the Philadelphia area. I live dangerously close to it.
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