Fendi Insults

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  1. Last weekend I went out shopping with a "friend". My friend says the Spy bag is ugly, I didn't know what to say as I spent about an hour in Movado, looking around at watches I could care less about. We went all around King of Prussia, by the time she got through, Neimans was closed, LV, Hermes and everything high end was closed. So I could only show her the Bloomies display, which only had the Cognac and the traditional logo type bags.
    I have admit, I was a little insulted. I mean, I don't go around criticizing the fact she has some ugly, although designer shirts and needs to do something else with her hair. Whatever happened to tact and appreciation for others likes and dislikes.
    I know there are Spy haters out there, but I got the impression she is not a great friend as we spent more time doing all the stuff she wanted to do and the time wasn't shared equally. Just venting.
  2. I went to Bloomingdales in Atlanta today and they no longer carry Fendi. Maybe that's why they had so few.
  3. That's just mean! I don't get why people feel the need to be rude like that. Hang in there, you know we love your spies! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Sounds like not a friend to do so much with anymore. Nevermind the spy haters.
  5. Sounds like she has a bit of a selfish streak if she was hogging the time you all spent shopping doing what she wanted. Also, she should have more tact than to insult your bag.
  6. Fendigal so sorry this has happen, perhaps she is not as good a friend as you thought she was, need a new shopping partner. Did you say anything to her? I would have been quite upset, not with the fact she did not like the spies, although I would defend them to the death....lol but for the fact you was having to do everything she wanted.
    We love you Fendigal and your bags.
  7. Saich, I just bought the emerald one, the heck with what the so called friend thinks. I think that Fendi people are a little different, ecclectic maybe, some people just don't get it. Thank goodness we are not are the same. Fendi's tend to be more artwork and bag combined. Go Fendi girls!!!
  8. OMG....thats a stunning spy, the colour is just out of this world.

    I think a lot of people are just jealous, plus I think anyone who does not love spies has no taste....lol....take no notice of her, my friend.

    Now I really would love to see pictures of your new spy.
  9. that's not nice---doesnt matter how close u 2 r. spys r stunning
  10. I thnk she's just jealous of your beautiful bags. Otherwise, she didn't need to say anything at all. Besides, if you love, that's all that counts!
  11. Always the contrarian here :upsidedown: :

    While I definitely agree that the GF is a tad passive agressive, and love the artistic endeavor of the FENDI bags....

    When I first saw the Spy Bags in photos and such...I thought they were sort of ugly also...LOL!:roflmfao:

    But no designer handbag can be judged by how it just looks sitting there. It needs to be carried, held, filled with your things....then the magic begins! :yahoo: The Spy Bags are awesome!

    I am so jealous of your emerald BTW :graucho:
  12. Well, she obviously doesn't have the great taste and style that you have, nor manners.
  13. How rude! I'd have left her butt in the food court! (Unless she was driving.) It's very easy to lose someone in KoP...and "Oh geez...my battery died! I couldn't answer my cell!" I guess I'm really not serious, but that chick is not your friend. On a serious note, my response would be "Your designer clothes don't do it for me either!" One rude comment deserves another.
  14. An emerald spy?! Very Nice! THose are simply gorgeous! Never mind what your friend says...she probably doesnt have very good style anyway!:P

    It was pretty rude of her to slam the spy like that right in front of you and THEN take up all the shopping time! Sometimes people put things down because they are jealous or envious, could that be it? Either way, it's not very polite. Dont let it get you down. You can always turn to us for a good pick me up!
  15. It's ok for people to have different tastes and be drawn to different styles. But if you can't say anything nice - best to say nothing! That was rude of her.