Fendi In UK?

  1. I would like to know if there is any Fendi Boutiques in the UK?
  2. Yes :yes:

    You have a small one at Selfridges (Oxford St, London) and the bigger one in Sloane Street (a couple of blocks from Harrods, which has also a small Fendi counter, I believe :s ).
    Hope this helps!!!
  3. Yeah, there is a boutique in Sloaan st., small counter @ selfridges and also in Harrods.
  4. Thank you for the replies. It is hard to search for the store outlets online and I couldn't find any information.

    I forgot to add that my bf is heading to Ireland. Which is the nearest Fendi there?
  5. Browns Thomas in Ireland, lovely Manager at Fendi their, she goes out of her way to help you
  6. I wonder if she can find what I want? mmm.. Thanks will check on that. ^^ Do you happen to have directions or addresses? He's not really familar with the place.
  7. Brown Thomas is in Dublin their phone number is 00353 1605 6666, I am in England and thats what I dial do not know what code you would use where you are. hope that helps. They do not have any Fortuny spys
  8. Did you call them for her? That's SO sweet of you!!!!! :love:
  9. thanks so much...but somehow I felt so depressed at the last sentence.