Fendi in the UK

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  1. Has anyone been to the sales (Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichs) and if so were there any Spy or Baby Spy's on sale?! :confused1:
  2. ...and how much are baby spy's in the UK?
  3. i think the leather ones are 680 but i not sure if the spy's are going to be on sale.
  4. Spys are not normally on sale in the UK, saying that the Blueberry is on sale at HN, do not know the price.
  5. I just rushed to call Harvey Nichs London and they said they didn't stock Fendi? which HN was it?
  6. Its HN in Scotland, here are a couple of phone numbers for stores around the UK. London is the only store not to stock Fendi. They do mail order. 01132048888 and 01216166000, hope this helps
  7. Thank you so much - i'm a complete Fendi novice so really appreciate the information!
  8. Thank you so so much!!! i called the B'ham store and they had one last dark brown Baby Spy left reduced from £640 to £384 - i snapped it up quickly :tender:
  9. ^^ Yay, that is great news, what a bargain!! Congrats!! Saich, you are forever the best Fendi shopping helper!!
  10. Saich you're an absolute star i can't thank you enough, i've always wanted a Fendi Spy, i love the baby because i think it would suit me better as an everyday bag than the regular Spy bag. I missed out on the black baby Spy on eBay last night - it was a black 2005 bag with a broken leather zip pull and sold for £350 and i really kicked myself. Now i have a brand new one for just £34 more! I'm incredibly excited, the SA said it was a lighter reddy brown and very soft and should be delivered Friday or Monday.
  11. Your welcome, I have all the Fendi stores on speed dial...lol congrats on your new bag
  12. wow great deal
  13. Thanks Kimmy, it arrived this morning, the lovely sales girl i spoke to, Kelly-Ann, called me back yesterday afternoon to say she'd caught the courier. I've done my research on the Forum and the colour is Cognac - like your lovely regular Spy! :love: I can't believe i got it at such a great price i never thought i'd be able to afford a brand new baby Spy.
  14. ahhhh so happy for you. I got the full size blueberry last week from the HN in Edinburgh at half off, so glad you go the baby of your dreams too :biggrin:

    isnt it a great feeling lol ;)
  15. We need to see some pics of your fabulous purchases girls!!