Fendi in the News...paper

  1. International Herald Tribune

    At Fendi, the duo of Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi is looking good. This was the pivotal collection that the house has been waiting for — when everything was finally knitted together, literally in the case of a woolly, feather-trimmed bag. Lagerfeld's return to inventive fur got back to Fendi's core and the mix of different pelts was ineffably chic in the shapely coat that opened the show. The models walked out on raw boards, with a wood and python clutch bag to match, emphasizing the essence of the show: the raw and the refined.
    "A lot of workmanship and a lot of contrasts," said Venturini Fendi, to describe how a sweater as felted as a Tibetan yak would meet a long, skinny cape-backed coat. The furry knit might appear just on the arms — and occasionally those sleeves broke out in bright harlequin patterns, echoing a motif on the bags. It seemed as though the two designers really were working in rhythmic tandem.
    The cape effect was a recurring theme, as a contrast to a slim, tightly belted dresses. Coats pierced with the oh-so-fashionable studs added a touch of the military but nothing seemed forced and Lagerfeld's expertise shone through in all the furs. The rapper Eve, sitting front row, looked like she wanted the lot — and Fendi has not stirred up that kind of enthusiasm in a while.