Fendi in Italy?

  1. i was wondering how popular bags like the b-bag and spy were in Italy? I am going there Friday! (never been before!) and was planning on bringing my petrol spy and blk patent b-bag (among others) .. what do you all think? will i "mesh"? heeee
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  2. Hi squsihy!

    Where in Italy are you going? I was in Rome and Capri last week and bought my first spy in black : ) I received great response when I took it out for a stroll ;) People (women) turned their heads when I walked in the streets and when I was in the botiques and dept. stores the italian SA's where praising my bag in italian :smile: So my verdict is that the Spy is very popular in its homeland :smile:
  3. oh my oh my! how wonderful!!!!! and CONGRATS on your lovely spy!!!! drool ..and thank you for the info!!!
  4. Squishy, report back when you return. I'm going to Florence in 2 weeks!

  5. Lucky you decophile!!!! you should take a trip to "the Mall"! They've got Gucci, FENDI, prada etc.... in this outlet which I've heardis TOTALLY AWSOME!!!! Please report back if you do take a trip to this dream place of mine ;)
  6. Defintely plan to spend a good 2 - 3 days at the mall and all other outlets! :graucho: