Fendi in Denmark?

  1. So, I'm going on a shopping trip to Denmark tomorrow :graucho: and I was wondering if anyone knew if Fendi is sold anywhere in Copenhagen. They have a few of the major stores and on my last trip I managed to find Chloe but I don't remember ever seeing Fendi there. Then again I haven't been looking.

    My one and only spy is tired of being an only child so I was hoping I could surprise her with a sister when I come home :shame:
  2. Hey Icechick. Unfortunately they don't sell fendi anywhere in Denmark:hysteric:
    Copenhagen would have been the best bet though. But since your going there be sure to stop by Birger Christensen, Kassandra, Holly Golightly and Storm. They have a selection of Chloé, Chanel, Balenciaga etc. I know it isn't fendi but since your going on a shopping trip I thought I would recommend some nice stores for you to visit.
    Have a great shopping trip! Hope you find some goddies!
  3. Oh pooh, that is disappointing :sad: but I'm sure I can find other things to stock up on :sneaky:

    Thank you so much for the names :flowers: I've put them all on the top of my go-to list for tomorrow :yes: