Fendi honey spy pics are here!

  1. Here are the pics of my honey spy. I do love it, but as I put in my last post, I am a bit unsure that is an actual 'true' honey. It looks darker than I recall the honey being? Does anyone know how I can tell if it is this seasons honey and not last? Please let me know if you think this is darker than the honey. The SA at Fendi said that it is, but I'm not sure......
    fendi honey small 1.jpg fendi small 2.jpg fendi small 3.jpg fendi small 4.jpg
  2. So pretty!!

    It looks like the honey to me.
    I have one and it loo ks just like that. :yes:

    I don't think you need to worry
  3. It looks like the honey to me too. There is only one honey color to my knowledge. It was a one-season color. Congrats to you!
  4. WOW!! really pretty!! enjoy!
  5. Thanks for giving me peace of mind ladies! I DO love it-just thought it was slightly darker. Nevermind!
    I have already had lots of compliments on it. I was shopping yesterday and heard someone say 'look at that bag! Isn't it perfect?' I turned around and there was a woman who was pointing at my spy to her friend!
    I was also in a meeting and one of the speakers (a man) said that he liked my bag. To me, it is not really 'eye-catching' as say my paddingtons, but I guess to others it is. I love carrying it though. It is definitely a keeper and a classic.

  6. Funny you should say that because I think the Spy is WAY more eyecatching than the paddy. :yes:
    When I first recieved my honey spy I got an unsolicited comment on it from my BF. :shocked:

    I don't love my paddy as much as I should so I just listed it on ebay
  7. What a beauty! Congrats!
  8. Congrats, looks like a great honey spy to me!
  9. I think that your Honey looks just like mine! Don't worry~~it's gorgeous! In my opinion, the Spy is far more stunning than a Paddy.

    Also, Honey was a new color only made this year. I beleive there was a light tan colored one in a previous season, but I like the Honey better.
  10. Congrats! She is beautiful!
  11. gorgeous! i love that bag!
  12. its lovely!
  13. Beautiful honey spy! Don't think you have anything to worry about. Enjoy it!
  14. aaah i love honey. it's beautiful.
  15. Gorgeous! I have a honey spy too - the colour is right.