Fendi Honey Spy at Saks

  1. It appears both the Black and Honey are back on the Saks website right now. It looks really beautiful.
  2. OOhhh I am addicted to the Spy now..and I am thinking to get another one but can't decide what colour to get. I am thinking of white, black or gold/silver Spy. I am dreaming about it..oh dear...and I keep thinking about it.:love:
    Do you know what other Spy colors beside white for Spring and Summer (the all leather one)? I don't want to get it too soon afraid that I might miss the new colour if they were going to make them with more colours.
  3. They won't ship until 4/12! That's so long to wait.
  4. The black spy sounds hot! :love:
  5. I am not really too found on the new honey color. I too am waiting to see the new gold :biggrin:
  6. i think it's pretty and buttery.
  7. the honey is gorgeous..