Fendi Holograms - Please Help!!!!

  1. Hi Girls :yahoo:

    I know nothing about Fendi bags (but oh my god I must own cognac a Spy bag) and it seems like you guys are the experts (I'm very impressed). I have a quick question: What is the hologram mark in the fendi bag supposed to look like? I know from reading this blog that there is a serial no under it and that Fendi logo is on the hologram, but is it supposed be sticker-like? I am asking because I myself have D & G stuff which have a hologram as well, and my friend came over with her new Fendi bag from the outlet the other day but the hologram in her bag looked much more sticker-like than D & G (she can actually lift upthe corner..???) The bag is an older model - has the quality of holograms changed over the years?
    Wonder if you all-knowing-fendi-beings could enlighten me :confused1:

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  2. Nina,

    If your friend's Fendi bag's hologram sticker can be lifted up, then I'm afraid to say that it's a fake bag. Fendi invested a lot of money in the late 90's to invest in hologram sticker technology (and more recently RFID technology) to help prevent counterfeits. The holograms they use have richness and depth, and once applied, cannot be lifted up. However, since the counterfeit bag industry is a $10 million dollar industry, fake bag manufacturers invest in hologram printers and are making hologram stickers. Their stickers don't have the depth in color as the authentic bags, and also are easily lifted up. Hope that helps to answer your question. Many people buy/receive and carry fake bags without knowing they are fake!
  3. woow .. im impressed with fendi investing $$ in the hologram stickers to help customers distinguish reals from fakes ... thumps up
  4. There's a boutique where I found B bag (I thought it's a fake but a really good one with turtle-ish leather and all) but the owner said it's authentic. But when I checked the hologram, it was half peeled. The plastic was half peeled with a lil bit of the hologram bit and the rest of the hologram bit stick to the fabric ( I don't know if I'm making any sense :confused1: ) lol
    And she's asking for an authentic price. I doubt that it was authentic :sad:
    If compared to my fendi spy hologram, it looks different.
  5. It's fake. A lot of the fake B FENDIs look pretty authentic to the untrained eye. "Turtlely" leather isn't enough to go on to make a positive authentication. But the hologram indicates that it's 100% fake.
  6. Hi Nina, exactly WHERE is this outlet that your friend got her bag from? Was it a Fendi outlet. I was thinkin' of going to one to find my black spy. But, if the outlets are selling sub-par bags, I just dunno. :wtf:
  7. Hope this helps...my authentic spy bag hologram
    BAGS 087.jpg
  8. The hologram on Fendi bags can be lifted if you pick at it. It shouldn't just come off but I know for a fact that if you peel/pick at it, it will lift. And if she got it at the outlet then it is definitely REAL!
  9. I recently purchased 3 Fendi Bags from a site one must join and pay a monthly fee to buy high end designer bags safely at discount prices.In some cases wholesale prices. I just rec'd 3 Fendi Bags, all from 2008 collections. Each has mildew odor, Hologram stickers come right off.There is no code number below hologram as my Fendi bags purchased at Saks & Neiman Marcus have. The seller is claiming authenticity and stated she called Saks and was told Fendi Bags do not have a code number under hologram sticker. Authenticity cards are not legible at all.Dust covers have plastic drawstrings and each have label inside that say 100 % Polyester. I am trying to find out how I can prove my claim of bags being replicas as my intent is not just to get money back, I want to report this supplier to the right people for claiming authenticity and selling fakes.
    I guess my questions are:
    1) A hologram on Fendi should not come off easily?
    2)Should there be a Code number below hologram sticker?
    3)Fendi Authenicity Cards should be legible and not have broken barcode?
    4)Dust covers with gray plastic drawstring?
    Can anyone help me with this or point me in right direction?
    Thank you so much and this site is wonderful!
  10. please post the pics of your bag and the tags on the AT provided by kiss_p , we will work on helping you over there :smile:
  11. If a Fendi bag does NOT have a hologram sticker on the tag, does that mean it is definitely a replica? The tag says "This label guarantees the authenticity of this bag" Any help would be appreciated, Thank You!
  12. Ooo interesting facts about the hologram. I haven't looked at the sticker on my spy closely but my bf got it for me directly from the store so I'm not worried hehe
  13. it depends on the year of the bag, the only way to find out is if you post your inquiry in this thread using the format on post #1 , it also includes a list of pics needed to authenticate your bag.

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    ]it depends on the year of the bag, the only way to find out is if you post your inquiry in this thread using the format on post #1 , it also includes a list of pics needed to authenticate your bag.[/QUOTE]

    Here are the pics. Many thanks!!
    IMG_6412.gif IMG_6408.gif IMG_6414.gif IMG_6404.gif