Fendi hologram

  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering with Fendi hologram. The sticker type thingy must it be sticked in the middle on the fabric? How about if it's a bit off center? Would you say it's fake?
  2. I would think if the sticker is off center or does not look right or the writing on the other side is showing on the front then its a fake
  3. Hi Saich2,

    It's more of the location of the sticker off center, not the wording or writing on the sticker. Even if the sticker does not peel off or come off and it is located a bit off center, it is considered fake?
  4. All the authentic hologram serial tags I've seen have the hologram squarely in the middle. If it's off-center enough to be noticeable, then chances are, it's fake.