Fendi Hologram Spy on Eluxury!

  1. Just giving you guys a heads-up. What a beauty!:love:

  2. ewwww I just can't do it - I'm about to show my age and make a very GENERAL statement that it reminds me of my mermaid -tail prom dress from waaaay back in the 80's LOLOLLL!!!! which by the way my brothers teased my to no end saying I looked like a fly's eyeballs.
  3. NOt loving the color...but I think it might be one of those that is gorgeous in real life!
  4. It is!!! I saw in the fendi store and IRL its very pretty!!!!
  5. Here's a pic of Fayden's hologram spy that I got from her handbag showcase. It sure is pretty!:love:
  6. Well it's gone already :sad: I examined one up-close at Bergdorf a couple of months back & it truly is STUNNING IRL. My worry (other than the price tag) though has to do with the high-maintenance aspect of it.
  7. Now that I'm looking at Eluxury's pic more closely .... what's up with the handles and the closure thingy? Why are the handles smooth? It should look like Faydens. Hmmmm...
  8. yeah the elux pics look too flashy for me....
  9. oh, it's in my shopping bag if anyone is interested.
  10. I like Fayden's tortuga looking handles better, :biggrin: For some reason, when I think of the Spy, I think of the intricate braided leather handles
  11. Just to clarify, the bag in the eluxury photo was one that was a sample sent prior to the actual manufacturing of the bag. All the hologram spys that eluxury actually sold have woven handles like fayden's. As far as I know, aside from some samples, you cannot purchase a hologram spy with smooth handles anywhere.

    P.S. The term tortuga used by FENDI actually refers to the "fake tortoiseshell" handles used on the all zucca, and zucca/chocolate spys. The first batch of fake spys on ioffer and ebay thought that all spys had tortuga handles and so all the ebay listings referred to "10000% authentic bag Fendi spy tortuga handles" even when it wasn't appropriate, such as for an obvious fake hot pink "spy bag". :lol:
  12. hologram.jpg
  13. Greendrv - Thanks for the info.
    Fendigal - gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  14. Thanks, Kat. I love it too!
  15. ohh how gorgeous! it looks better in our member's pictures though