Fendi Hologram on Tags...

  1. Hi,

    My mom got a Fendi Bag. Browsed through it and saw a Fendi Hologram on the tag. Under the hologram, there's an authenticity number. Coolness.

    (1) How long has Fendi had the Hologram on the tag?

    (2) Does it deter fakers??

    (3) If so, shouldn't there NOT be a "Authenticate this Fendi" thread?

    Love the Hologram.

    Love the fact that Fendi is doing something to prevent counterfeiting!
  2. The hologram has been around since around 2004; it does not really deter fakers much, but it makes it easier for us to catch them; I think if the authenticate this thread were useless it wouldn't be there. Fakers just make fake holograms to go with their fake bags. A trained eye can tell the difference, but it isn't usually obvious to newbies. Here are some lovely fake holograms for your viewing pleasure.
    fake_hologram.JPG fakehologram.JPG weirdhologram.JPG
  3. The Hologram is the best thing Fendi has come up with -- Chanel and Dolce & Gabbanna also use them -- it is extremely helpful for seasoned authenticators to determine if a bag is real by the hologram, since we know the attributes of the fake holograms. If we have a photo of the bag, hologram and leather serial number strip, it tells us when the bag was made and if it is real...the serial code under the hologram is unique & I would hope Fendi records this data of the bag (mfr, distribution, sale, etc.)

    It would be nice if Prada, Gucci, YSL and the other designer bag manufacturers would take up the practice of using these tags - since the replica bags are coming out the minute a bag hits the runway, and they are looking so much more deceptively like the original piece.:yes:
  4. Have the fakers figured out how to make hologram tags that don't peel off? I accidentally bought a fake off of eBay that was impeccable- except that the hologram sticker peeled off. That was the only giveaway. I shudder to think what might happen if they've mastered the hologram.
  5. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the Italian fakes may be heat glued, but Lit & I & other authenticators still can figure them out. I know what you mean about how good the replicas are getting. Saw a selleria the other day that was perfect except for the hologram coming off, and it appeared to have similar leather...:sad:
  6. does anyone have a pic of a real hologram tag? i want to compare it to the hologram my mom has
  7. i have a fendi bag & wallet. purchased on-line. has auth card, leather stamped serial number and hologram. how can i determine authenticity? fyi: i purchased from site that claimed 100% authenticity. is there a picture of authentic hologram? i haven't been able to locate anywhere on-line. thank you for your help.
  8. You need to either post pictures of your items, including the auth cart, hologram, and leather serial strip, in the authenticate this fendi thread or tell us the name tof the site you bought from. Most sites that purport to sell authentic designer goods for unbelieveable prices are lying about the authenticity of their goods. As a side note, it's not as simple as looking at an authentic hologram compared to the one on your bag. It takes practice and some knowledge of what exactly you are looking for.
  9. :yes:
  10. hi i was just wondering if the authentic hologram can be peeled off or taken off over years of usage. a squirrel denim spy seller on eBay claims that the hologram isn't there anymore because of years of usage. i personally don't believe it because mine's still intact, although i don't use my purse as often as she probably had. but yeah, just want to verify this piece of info. thanks!:smile:
  11. I have been tooling around a new Fendi that I am so in love with, until I was cleaning our my bag and noticed the Hologram was coming off. I had this sick sinking feeling and I am sure you are going to tell me it is a Fake. I already contacted the seller who stated nothing more then we got it from a distributor in Italy that we have been working with for two years without one complaint! I am complaining!!!! So heart broken!
  12. My Fake Holograms! Just heart broken!!!
    fake hologram 1.jpg Fake Hologram 2.jpg fake Hologram 3.jpg Fake Hologram 4.jpg fake hologram 5.jpg
  13. My bag does not have a hologram. Is this ok? I bought it from a lady years ago, it was before 2004. I believe you said that is when they started using the hologram. Is that correct?
  14. :yes:
  15. Does anyone know if all Fendi Baguettes since production in 1997 would have a leather Serial number tag?