Fendi Hardware - Authentic Magnets?

  1. Did (or does) Fendi ever use the round magnetic closures on bags? Specifically, the black microfiber Baguettes and Mama bags?
  2. I know they use square magnetic closures but I don't know about round. Maybe someone else might know of a style with round.
  3. I checked all of my Fendi snaps, all are square and say FENDI on them. Idon't have the style you mention, but even my vintage Fendis have square snaps. Round = Not Good.:sad:
  4. As far as I know, Fendi never used round magnetic closure hardware. In fact, I use that as a general rule to authenticate. If you're thinking about a particular bag, post it up in the authenticate thread.

    And, microfiber? Ummmm..... :s
  5. I found one on eBay and posted in the authenticate section.