Fendi Green Spy 05

  1. i got one for around $1000, but it wasn't in great condition when I got it. They are few and far between on eBay, so it's possible it could go for significantly more if the seller really knew how to present it and it was in good condition.
  2. OK thanks so much! That is very helpful.
  3. I'm desperate for the green spy. never got over selling mine last year. Where else besides eBay may I be able to find 1. Thanks :flowers:
  4. oh, i :heart: this spy!!
  5. I don't know where one could be found besides eBay. There aren't any left in the Fendi system. It's possible one could pop up on a consignment shop site, too.
  6. thanks, I guess ebay would be my best bet, just have to wait it out I guess.