Fendi Forever Sequined Borsa

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  1. So whats the deal with everyone online hating this bag?

    I saw it and fell inlove with it. It's one of a kind. A little barbie-ish, but totally unique and adorable.


    I bought it yesterday. I'm inlove with it. It looks so much cuter in real than in pics also.

    Oh and have you guys heard about the fendi bear keychains?? They're pretty reasonable $50 (AUD) and the money goes to the make a wish foundation, and the bears are in all the metallic colours shown on the fendi forever sequined borsa. I can't find pics of it online.
  2. Oh congrats! I was one of the people who really do not like that bag. Just not my kind of taste personally. If you like it, it shouldn't matter. Love to see pics though!
  3. Oh yes would love to see pics of you carrying it!

  4. I love the this line. Its cute. I bought the Forever Mirror Leather evening bag in pink and gold. I would love the blue wallet too! I am kind of obsessed with this line! I saw yours and think its totally cute. If you like it thats all that matters! Wear it in good health and style!!
  5. Congrats! You're right..it does look a little Barbie-ish lol:smile: Would love to see your pics too. Where do you get the bear keychains btw?
  6. They have this bag and the blue and orange wallets on bluefly for anyone interested!

  7. I'm not quite sure which one you're talking about. Post pics?
    But yes I LOOVE this line too. I'm not suchhhh a fendi fanatic like everyone on this section of the site. The fendi forever s.b is my first.

    Ok guys i will post pics real soon. It's my bday soon and i plan on carring the bag so i shall bump this topic if it goes down by then.
  8. At the Fendi shop(located in david jones) in sydney.

    i'll post pics of that too soon, i still have to get mine. Thinking of which colour to get. I think i'll go with gold.
  9. [​IMG] This one