Fendi Forever Sequined Borsa

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  1. So whats the deal with everyone online hating this bag?

    I saw it and fell inlove with it. It's one of a kind. A little barbie-ish, but totally unique and adorable.


    I bought it yesterday. I'm inlove with it. It looks so much cuter in real than in pics also.

    Oh and have you guys heard about the fendi bear keychains?? They're pretty reasonable $50 (AUD) and the money goes to the make a wish foundation, and the bears are in all the metallic colours shown on the fendi forever sequined borsa. I can't find pics of it online.
  2. You should post this in the Fendi subforum, I'm sure you'd get better responses. :yes:
  3. whoops sorry
    yea you're right.
    I'm a newb. I have no clue. Excusez-moi :p