Fendi Forever limited edition keychains

  1. I got mine today from the Fendi boutique, they're the cutest things to just hang on your bag.

    I haven't heard anyone mention it on here. It's for a good cause as well the money goes to the Make a Wish Foundation.

    Here are some pics:


    and omg they had new stock in, i fell inlove with EVERYTHING over there. They have these new calfskin BEAUTIFUL magic bags, omg they were incredible. I wish i could afford everything there, lol
  2. OMG calfskin magic bags? Did you happen to have any photos? I would love to see them!

    Cute keychains by the way. Not my kind of style but it would look cute on a bag. What bag/s are you planning to put them on?

  3. No i don't have photos as they were marking them and stocking them inside so i couldn't exactly take pics in the boutique, they were in ivory/white and i think in brown as well, they were too gorgeous for words. The people who work at boutiques are never friendly around here, but theres one girl whos absolutely lovely, however she wasn't working there today.

    I know many people are against mixing designer things lol but i'm going to put it on my gucci bag i think. It would look cute on it. I'm not sure yet.
  4. So what animal is that? At first I thought Teddy Bear, but the face looks reminiscent of their Squirrel motif.

    Rut Roh!! Leather Magic Bags!! :nuts:

    :drool: :drool: :drool:
    I"m gonna be one broke lady here soon....:roflmfao:
  5. ^Ditto that!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Ooooo... how cute!

    How much were they? TIA!

  7. haha no they're bears!

    OMG the leather magic bag is TOO gorgeous for words, i was inlove.
  8. $50 AUD with the purchase of a bag

    EXTREMELY reasonable!
  9. ^that means you got a bag. :graucho: What did you get?
  10. I made a thread, well my first thread. :pYou posted in it

    i had bought a fendi forever sequined borsa. I'll post modeling pics soon :yes:
  11. Oooh! That sounds so exciting! I live so far away from a Fendi boutique now... :cry: That said, I'm so excited for you! New Fendi Loot! Can it get any better?!?
  12. Oops, yeah I did post in it. [​IMG] Can't wait for the modelling pics.

    Can't wait for this cream calfskin magic bag. I am putting all purchases on hold. Waiting for this to come out. (sorry to go off topic!)

  13. Hehe thanks i'm excited too but i just want MORE MORE AND MORE! It's such a bad addiction and my moms always telling me to save :sad: and she just bought me a gucci bag as well so it's seriously a COMPLETE addiction.

    You're lucky you live far away from one, i walk in and i just want everything and it's the worst feeling knowing you can't buy the whole store :crybaby: haha

  14. Going out for my bday next week since this weekend the city is closed cos of apec week, so i'll be carrying it for the first time, i'll post pics.

    I'm so excited! :yahoo:

    the calfskin magic's are too beautiful
  15. BEARY!!! :heart::heart: WAiting for pics ilurvebags...:yes: