Fendi for everyday use or special occasions only?


Aug 25, 2008

Do you use your Fendi's (especially the spy as thats the one I really want!) as an everyday bag? does it go to the grocery store with you? get chucked on the back seat of the car when your driving? Filled with everything from car keys to baby wipes? put on the floor at restaurants?

When I get my spy I really want to actually use it, not just keep it stuffed in the closet and only brought out for special occasions, will the bag stand up to everyday use?

Thanks :smile:


no will power
May 17, 2007
I use my Spy bags all the time. I wear them casually and dressed up. They do go to the grocery store with me, but I never put them (or any of my handbags) on the floor (I use a purse hook!:yes:). When I bought my first Spy bag I did baby it and I hardly ever used it as I was so afraid of ruining it! But after awhile I realized what good is a nice a purse if it's just sits in the closet? So now they all get lots of use! I'm using my baby Spy today!!!