Fendi Floral Satchel, White 50% off @ NM

  1. wow, its still there! nice bag for spring!
  2. how did u find this sale?? thanks..great buy
  3. wow, I wish wish wish I lived in the States sometimes. you get the best deals :biggrin:

    what an amazing bag
  4. I had the link bookmarked...
  5. How? Why can't we see it by going directly to the site?
  6. I had it from a while ago, the links stay the same for the most part. I may have even had the link from before it went on sale. These were listed in the sale section at one time, just recently did NM and BG stop putting them in there, why I have no idea...
  7. wow so cute, just not sure if I want to buy it. looks a tad busy, but sure is a great deal.
  8. nice too bad i dont like briaded handles =/
  9. Wisteria Spy at 50% off- not bad! Whoever bought it got a lovely bag!
  10. That's such a great deal. Too bad it's no longer available.
  11. that's an awesome deal. I didn't know spys go on sale.
  12. God...I ordered this bag before (around Feb), but I canceled it by an accident:crybaby:( I thought it was the order I wanted to cancel). Can anyone let me know if it is available again?? I have been dreaming this bag to dead....:crybaby:PLZ let me know if it is available again!!:crybaby: